Financial Aid Terms and Conditions

Financial Aid Terms and Conditions

Financial aid terms & conditions must be accepted in OASIS before you review your financial aid offers. Some scholarships may have separate terms & conditions to view; however, you can accept all terms & conditions at the same time by clicking on the “Accept” button under the terms & conditions tab in OASIS.

Your financial aid award offer is based on full-time enrollment and reflects your eligibility based on your grade level, residency status and other program specific criteria at the time of the award offer. You must accept the Terms & Conditions in OASIS in order for the funds to be paid.

  • If you enroll less than full time, your budget will be reduced to reflect your enrollment status and award amounts adjusted accordingly.
  • Your award amounts may be revised starting 30 days prior to the start of each semester, based on your credit hour enrollment and the length of your courses.

NOTES: If you received an aid offer after these adjustments started in a given semester, your budget and award amounts may already reflect your enrollment.

If you do not enroll in the fall semester, your initial offer is void and you will be re-awarded if you enroll in the spring. This may result in a loss of previously awarded aid funds.

Steps to accept your financial aid terms & conditions:

  1. Sign in to OASIS
  2. Click on "Financial Aid" menu
  3. Select the correct aid year
  4. Click on the "Terms & Conditions" tab
  5. Read and click on the "Accept" button