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Brandon completed his Ph.D. in engineering physics at Louisiana Tech University in 2016. During his academic career, he had the opportunity to work on various projects, such as: dark matter (stability of the universe), non-incendiary tracers for the U.S. Army (now commercially available as ''Glow Ammo''), elastic characterization of metal alloys, metamaterials (known for invisibility), and the electron self-energy paradox—one of the most infamous paradoxes of classical physics.

To fulfill his passion for fitness and health, he enjoys hiking, snowboarding, camping, hunting, fishing, team sports, CrossFit, and many other activities. He's secretly training for the Pacific Crest Trail, is on his bucket list. Until then, he's have found it rewarding to help others learn how to utilize their bodies more efficiently and effectively, both physically and mentally. Check out his CV for more information.


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